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COMPEX Wireless product

Wireless technology
What type of wireless technology is used for the COMPEX Wireless?
COMPEX Wireless uses proprietary protocol based on 2.4 Ghz band.
What is the exact type of signal transmitted?
A radio wave signal is transmitted.
What is the reach of the COMPEX Wireless?
Guaranteed distance reach for using the wireless device is 2 m. If you remain within this range, the signal will be constant. This distance can be more or less, depending on the surrounding environment. In an open field, the reach will be less than in a closed environment (house).
Is there any risk of interference with other mobile devices or other identical devices used at the same time?
As with all wireless technology, there is no risk of interference because the necessary protections have been built into the technology, for each device comes with its own ID.
Is the quality of the pulse the same as in a wired Compex device? Is the signal received from the COMPEX Wireless exactly the same as the signals through the classic wired versions (mi-SPORT etc.)?
(In other words: does the COMPEX Wireless send the exact same stimulation to the muscles?)

Can I use the applications on my smart phone?
No, this is not possible. The modules can be used with the remote control only.
What happens if many users are in the same room? Does the frequency of one device interfere with another (cfr. 8 riders of one team using wireless in one bus)?
There is no interference. Each device has its own ID.
COMPEX Wireless electrodes
Can I use electrodes from a wired Compex device for the COMPEX Wireless?
Yes, that is possible. For the COMPEX Wireless we have a new reference 5 x 10 cm 1 snap electrode.
Where can I buy the new electrodes for the COMPEX Wireless?
At the same place where you used to buy the other electrodes: sports shop, internet Compex shop, etc.
Are there replacements on the market available if you lose one of the modules?
If you lose one module, you will have to contact the Compex customer service and you will be able to buy a new one and pair it with your remote control.
COMPEX Wireless availability
Where can I buy a COMPEX Wireless?
CCOMPEX Wireless can be purchased in the online COMPEX Store.

For availability of COMPEX Wireless in stores, please check our
Dealer Locator.
COMPEX Wireless charger
Can I use the charger of other COMPEX devices on my COMPEX Wireless?
No, only the COMPEX Wireless dedicated charger can be used to recharge the device.
Training and objectives
Where can I find objectives for other types of sports?
Objectives are available on the online training platform There you can select your sport among a choice of 36 sports (this list will be updated regularly).
Online platform
How can I access my training platform when using another computer?
To view your personal training platform, simply go to and enter your password. However, if you wish to synchronise your remote with your account on the computer that is not yours, you will first need to install the synchronisation software on that computer.
Can my partner use the COMPEX Wireless as well, with the same online platform?
Yes, of course. The only restriction is that you have to use the same account.
What does My Planning mean?
This means all the features (Programme, Task, Comment) that you have planned that are not linked to other objectives.
Can I move the events in the planner?
Yes, using the click/drop function.
Are you providing interactive personal coach features?
The online coach considers which sport you practice and what your objective is. It, however, does not take into account personal parameters such as level of practice, age and gender. The coach interface has been developed to help most of the customers integrate e-stim in their daily sport practice.
What is electrostimulation?
Electrostimulation is a proven method of medical treatment used for rehabilitation, pain relief, and sports training. The operating principle of electrostimulation is very simple. It faithfully reproduces the processes which occur in muscle contraction commanded by the brain. This means that with electrostimulation, your muscle is stimulated by electric impulses sent by the device at motor nerve level. Your muscles cannot tell the difference between a contraction triggered by the brain and one triggered by electrostimulation. This is known as “electro-induced” contraction.
What are the benefits of electrostimulation?
Compex uses very high quality currents which are very comfortable. This means that our treatments can be used intensively. It is perfectly safe to use electrostimulation intensively, without causing nervous fatigue, while also looking after your joints. Electrostimulation has no side-effects; this is a non-invasive treatment method which is often an effective alternative to medication for pain relief.
How many times can the electrodes be used?
Depending on your skin type, between 15 and 30 times. Approximately 30 applications are possible on clean, grease-free, shaved skin.
Where do I put the electrodes?
The positioning of the electrodes is shown on the remote control; you can see it by pressing the square icon with the dot in the middle.
Is it unsafe if the electrodes are not positioned correctly?
Positioning the electrodes incorrectly is not at all dangerous. It simply makes the stimulation less effective.
What position should my body be in for the different programmes?
No. For training programs that use tetanic muscle contractions (type strength, resistance, endurance, etc...) you should position yourself as indicated on the remote control but always make sure to do isometric exercises, that is to say preventing the shortening of the muscle during contraction. For programs that do not induce tetanic muscle contraction (type recovery, capillarization, massage, etc..) you should also position yourself as indicated on the remote control, but if nothing is mentioned, you just position yourself in a comfortable way.
Why do I sometimes get an unpleasant tingling sensation under the electrodes?
Some areas of the skin are more abundant in sensitive nerve endings than others. Inadequate contact between the skin and the electrodes also reduces comfort. This means that you have to use good electrodes, apply them to the skin correctly, and move them to a less sensitive area if necessary.
What intensity should be reached for training programmes using tetanic muscular contractions (force, resistance, endurance, etc.)?
The highest possible (while still being bearable) so as to engage the highest possible number of muscle fibres. The most effective control mechanism is you, and how much you can tolerate- the contractions should be powerful but never unbearable.
What intensity should I reach for programmes which do not induce tetanic muscle contraction (recuperation, capillarisation, massage, etc.)?
These programmes do not require the use of maximum intensities. However, it is vital for the intensities to be high enough to produce good, visible, muscle twitches.
Can the use of intensities that are too high cause injury?
No. It cannot cause injury, because the intensity is progressively increased during the contraction period, with precisely the aim of preventing any risk of muscular tear.
Is there no risk of the module getting loose during sports movements (disconnecting from the electrode)?
The risk is minimal due to the FastConn connection. However, some specific movement can disconnect the module from the electrodes. In that case by changing only the sense of the module this can be solved.