World Time Trial Champion 2009 and 2010
Bronze 2004 Athens Paralympics
3x Silver European Championship

What has been your credo in life that helps you overcome each challenge?

Nothing is impossible! It is important to believe that… The limits in life are not created by the body but in your mind.

What would be your tip to each person who wants to achieve something in sports?

You need to try and reach your dreams with lots of tenacity and devotion… and without ever forgetting the pleasure of practicing sport.

What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX Wireless brought to your performance?

I have been using Compex since the early ‘90s. COMPEX Wireless is the best device in terms of technology and ease of use. It gives you the freedom of movement and the possibility to train yourself without any problem.

What are your preferred programmes and when do you use them(insights from their training)?

My favorite programmes are: Potentiation, Disuse Atrophy, Modulated TENS and Massage.

What is your ultimate goal in your career?

In my career, I have won a lot: 12 world medals - 2 of which are gold - 4 times European silver and 27 tree-colors prizes and an Olympic Bronze… My next dream is to win the Golden medal at the Olympics in 2012!