Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team

What has been your credo in life that helps you overcome each challenge?

Live life at 100 km an hour, just like in cycling, don’t just coast on the wheels but try to give life your own rhythm.  

Can you share some of your training tips to perform better?

Be determined in reaching your objectives but don’t overdo it. You need to understand that there are often limits. Thinking too much about your own objectives is often counterproductive, especially if then you can’t reach them.

What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX Wireless brought to your performance?

I think it’s an excellent instrument for training and also for recuperating. It’s another tool for reaching the best level of performance.

What is your ultimate goal in your career?

I’d like to continue racing for a few more years and to win a major one-day classic like the Tour des Flandres. I’ve won in stage races, I’ve won in one-day races but I’ve never won a major classic. It’s a career dream of mine.